A view of flour falling from hands onto a flour dough ball

Gold Medal®

Flour worth its weight in gold.

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A not-so-secret ingredient for generations.

Part of the family recipe since 1880, Gold Medal® flour started as a small mill in Minneapolis and grew to become the go-to flour for everyone from scratch bakers to professionals.

Flour for every recipe

Gold Medal® has plenty of flour options to make sure your final product will be as good as gold no matter what you’re making. See which one is right for you here.

Over a century of Gold Medal® flour

Esteemed awards, tragic explosions, iconic ads and two world wars. Discover the history behind the famous flour brand here.

Did you know?
  • Bake with the best

    No matter your experience level, the Gold Medal® bloggers can help you reach baking greatness.

  • A salute to our hometown

    The Gold Medal® flour sign in Minneapolis puts the city on the map in this 1910 newspaper article.